Topic: Upcoming Werewolf Projects

For all my die hard Werewolf fans and horror alike,i have an authentic wolfpack of theatrical movies howling between 2010 thru 2012,here's the list.The Howling Reborn,Two Wolves,Growl,An American Werewolf In London and Paris remakes,Full Moon Fever,Welcome To Hoxford,Slaughter's Road,The Cabin in the Woods,The Skin Trade,Gladiators vs Werewolves,The Werewolf,First Howl,Lobo,The Girl With The Red Ridding Hood,Shiver,St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves(title might change),13Hrs,Howl(new tv series).  Still not sure about these{Beware the Werewolf,Benighted,Bitten,Werewolf By Night,NightWolf(another supposed tv show),these projects could have been scraped all together.

Re: Upcoming Werewolf Projects

some of those titles don't exactly inspire me with confidence, The Howling Reborn, An Amercian Werewolf In London? why don't they just leave it alone:mad: