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Ripped directly from Shock Till You Drop:

Screw that b.s. Jaws remake rumor that circulated on any site that was eager for attention earlier this week (we try to avoid runnin' crap like that). Producer Roger Corman has surfaced yet again to deliver a truly terrifying shark tale: Sharktopus.

'Tis right.

SyFy announced via its Twitter account that it is partnering with Corman for this creature feature. "Spent half hour discussing what a sharktopus should look like, how many mouths it should have and how it should kill," said SyFy's Karen O'Hara.

I'm not so sure about that "half hour" of discussion... But you can't deny the potential for hilarity with a half-shark/half-octopus.

Oh wait, terror! I mean terror!

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Half shark/ Half octopus? Syfy? Might I go and hide in fear now? lol

Just kidding, this is either going to be ridiculously bad that it will end up being a cheesy favourite or just bad. Might have to take a gander when this comes out, just to see what it turns out like.

Thanks Divemistress smile

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Sounds like a CGI nightmare.

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Ha Ha Ha! That crazy Roger Corman  never gives up. I miss when he used bad puppets like in Carnosaur. Oh to have the good ole days back...

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With Syfy involved with this, I have my doubts on this film.

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I have my doubts but i want to see this.