Topic: On Sci-Fi/SyFy tonight

Transmophers: The Fall of Man.  Basically Transmorphers 2.

Another Asylum winner; only of SyFy!

And a bonus, their trailer for "Paranormal Entity" (please don't make me tell you which movie this is ripping off)


Re: On Sci-Fi/SyFy tonight

^^ what movie is it parodying then?

... I kid, I kid! LOL, I already know and will be avoiding the 'rip offs' as best I can. lol

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Re: On Sci-Fi/SyFy tonight

Some of Asylum's stuff is really funny, while the other 2/3rds makes me want to eat a brick.  The 1st Transmorphers was in the latter category.  PE looks like it could be a hoot.  I live on the edge.