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Captivity has been doing some heavy advertising.. or at least trying to before the MPAA steps in and pulls it down for getting Soccer Moms upset. It has been a very long time since I have seen a film stir up so many people outside of the genre. At le...

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The clip wasnt anything special, but the picture of Elisha they had below the video portion was quite nice!

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it looks pretty good. i hope they didnt just give us alot of hype for a bad movie though.

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I couldn't watch it. It's one of those occasions where if you're from outside the US and Canada you can't watch a trailer or a clip from a TV show or film. You must not be able to watch clips on AOL if you're from outside the US and Canada.

EDIT: This is the Captivity clip on a site called My I didn't look at this clip as I was a bit wary of this site as I hadn't heard of it before. On the other hand I have looked on a couple of other film sites mentioned in news articles which I haven't been on before.

Is the clip on this My site the same as the one on the AOL website?

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