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Hey folks, Sonny Fernandez here.

You've probably never really heard of me, even though I've got something like 6 movies planned to be out this year.

I make super low-budget movies that have gotten reviews with people saying stuff like-

"I see this and I see that Sonny Fernandez and some of his crew have real, solid futures in horror. The film is by no means perfect, but it's scary despite its flaws, and in that it does something that's rather rare in all of horror cinema, no matter the budget. It gives me hope. I look at BLEED, marvel at how enjoyable it is for being the ultimate in DIY-" … 9.htm#HOME

"BLEED is truly an independent horror EPIC. I consider Sonny Fernandez to be a breath of fresh air in a genre that is quickly dying from uninspired Saw ripoffs and lame remakes." … lbox-bleed

And Moviemaven here has reviewed a few of my flicks (The Last Battleground and Bleed), she's been a big supporter of mine!

"To say I am a fan doesn't do him justice. I am a fan, true enough, but there is a deeper admiration tied in as well. To watch Sonny in action is an education in what it takes to get your vision across when you lack the backing of big budgets and studios. He is a force."

Why haven't you seen any of my movies? It's because I've been wrestling with distribution companies for the last damn 6 years, but I now have the rights back to all of my movies...and my destiny is in my own hands. I'll be releasing them all pretty quickly here under my own company.

The only film we have out right now is Cold Blooded, a movie about a group of folks who get trapped in a town full of were-wolves!

In all honesty, it's not my favorite flick, but some folks love the hell out of it- BrainHammer over at Horroryearbook said that it has- "- a twist ending so unbelievable it would make M. Night Shyamalan squirt cum out of his asshole." … ld-blooded

But I hope to eventually talk about all of my films here-
Which are







ANNDD last but not least..currently shooting


I think I might be starting threads for each individual flicks as time goes on, but the next one that's getting released is The Last Battleground, which should be out by the end of the month, probably followed by The Aborted, and then The New Girls.

Until then, by all means, I've got a ton of trailers up on youtube-

Here's our most popular one "The New Girls"
has over 8,000 views (probably because Liz Dockter is pretty hot)

Here's a cool little promo that's going to be at the start of all Down Twisted DVD's

If you want to see ALL of our trailers, clips, interviews etc. they can all be found here- you like what you see subscribe- I put stuff up frequently.

Now I'm not saying I make the best movies in the world...or that everyone will like them, but what I am saying it that the movies I make, you won't find anything like them anywhere. They're all made with every atom in my body. You like what you see here, then by all means, come along for the ride, we'll be glad to have you, and if you don't, well, hang in there, hopefully one day I'll make something that you dig!

I've been wanting to post something up here in the indie section for a while! Hope you guys are going to enjoy having me around.

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About The Last Battleground-

You know how, in movies like The Omen and Constantine, the devil is always at war with heaven and the movie is about people trying to stop it? The basic concept behind TLB is it's happened, a war between heaven and hell has been fought...and hell has won.

So this is the night it's going down, this is hell on earth, all bets are off man. All the H.P. Lovecraft elder Gods are coming back and we follow a motley crew of characters as they fight, run, scream, shoot and stab their way to survival.

It's an extremely ambitious movie...I mean we do END the world afterall, we aimed really high with this one.

The biggest problem most ppl have with the movie is the effects, I ain't no Tom Savini you know? I work with what I have, some people love them, other people have trouble with them, but if you can get past them, most people have a grand time with the flick.

Here's some reviews to check out- … d.htm#HOME … -2009.html … ttleground

Here's some trailers for you-

Here's us goofing around with some effects-

ah and here's an interview that's gonna be on the dvd, they talk about almost breaking a girls shoulder, getting harrassed by the cops and how blood in your ear can stay for up to a year afterwards-

The Last Battleground will be available to buy at Amazon SOON!

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Awesome and then some! I am making this thread a sticky wink

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That's really really cool man! Pictures looks awesome, besides the blurryness. Would definitely love to see one of your movies! I'll keep my open for Cold Blooded! big_smile

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Awesome and then some! I am making this thread a sticky

Hey! That's awesome! Thanks a bunch!

That's really really cool man! Pictures looks awesome, besides the blurryness.

I apologize for that, all of these are straight up screen grabs so they tend to come out a little less quality!

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^^It's all good. Just with the blurryness it's hard to see how cool the pics are. Anyway, looks like you make some kick ass horror films. I salute you! big_smile

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Thanks Creature! The support is much appreciated!

So the question is should I start new threads for each of my flicks? Or should I stuff them all into this one?

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I say stuff them into this one as it will always remain a constant thread and would be the thread a lot of people go to smile

I like your stuff Sonny and it looks good, will have to keep my eye out for some of those movies and the gore factor looks awesome! Welcome to Hm too wink nice to have you on board big_smile

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nice work, Im gonna try to get my hands on some of these, I love obscure and indie movies, thanks for all the info

imo, you should start a thread for each movie...

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Low budget horror is the best horror.  I look forward to watching your films and reviewing them

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Anything with blood is good with me!!

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Hey folks. The Last Battleground release is looming over us, but in the meantime, if any of you folks get bored you can check out my first flick for free over on youtube, it's actually getting put up in installments, think of it as a webseries, it's up to part 5 now!

Keep in mind, this was made damn near 7 years ago, it was our FIRST film and I'm kind of embarrassed at a lot of the stuff, mostly, what it was, was a training ground for us, but for it being our first movie, it still rocks and it's a lot of fun, just don't take it too seriously. There's lots of cool stuff in it though, heads getting beat it with bats, swordfights, killings,  a city filled with mutants!

Here's the first part, you should be able to find the other parts pretty easy!

In other news. haha, not movie related by I crashed my car a few days ago and COMPLETELY mangled my face, I've been bleeding out my eye. For the whole story of that and what I look like here's another little youtube video, enjoy my misery :- ) … go9kB6SjVw

More news on TLB SOOONNN!!!

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Hi Sonny!!!!

Sorry it took me so long to get over here.  LOL  I've had some crap to deal with.  But I am elated to see your face beaming back at me (remembering what it looks like without the Marlon Brando-ish prosthetics LOL)

I am so excited for the mainstream to finally see your genius as I constantly refer to it.  I love your films, your heart and your determination.  You are my kind of film maker and I wish you nothing but awesomeness!!!!

Can't wait to see more.  xoxo

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wow wow and cool and awesome and can't wait to see them cool:cool:

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Got my proof copy today, I've approved it should be up at Amazon VERY VERY Soon.


I will let everyone know!

Oh the other side of my face behind that DVD? Still recovering from the car crash. tongue

I kinda look like Gollum...haha

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Sonny, quick question if you don't mind me asking. When you do put the dvd on sale via amazon, will it just be I'm from the UK, so I tend to use If I can snab a copy I so would but thought I would ask smile

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hmm well first off, THANKS a bunch for even being interested...second off it should be available. But I'll tell you what, if for whatever reason you can't nab a copy, you let me know and I'll work something out, even if I have to send you one myself, that's a promise!

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Thanks Sonny smile much appreciate the answer and always willing to support movies with heart and gusto and your films like fantastic so more than interested in getting a copy. big_smile If it doesn't work I'll def give you a bell big_smile

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Next up:

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...i Want!!!!!!

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That cover art looks awesome and props Sonny! I love that there is a quote on the front from, the fact it's from Maven is even sweeter! But that looks grotesquely fantastic, ^ like Garden, I want it!! big_smile

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Awww I knew about the one The Last Battleground but I didn't know about this quote, Sonny.  You are awesome.  xoxo

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No moviemaven...YOU are awesome.


ladies and gentlemen.

Boys and Girls.

You've seen the pictures, you've  been wondering what all the fuss was about, you've seen quotes and the reviews-

There's really only one thing to do now isn't there?

BUY THE DAMN THING AT AMAZON!!!! lol:lol: … amp;sr=8-2

2 disc special edition comes with commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes with intros, interviews, special F.x. feature, cast and crew commentary and lots lots more!

Thank you for the support (and patience) folks and for those of you who check it out! I hope you enjoy it!

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Very cool, thanks for the link, Sonny, I'll get to that when I get paid soon

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Just for everyone's info, the TLB DVD is REGION free, so you won't have any trouble playing it on any foreign DVD players.

I'm finishing up The Aborted DVD now, gonna send it out to the lab on Monday. SHOULD be available to buy around March 5th or 6th. Kinda worried about the cover haha, don't know if it's too gruesome or not, they might make me censor it. We shall see! This one isn't going to have a ton of special features like TLB either (just has directors commentary, bunch of bloopers few other things), plus it's one of my shorter films (an hour and half), so I'm gonna sell this one for like 9 or 10 bucks!