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Leprechaun fans will definately need to check this out.  The publisher, Bluewater Productions was cool enough to give a complete issuse of Leprechaun #1 for online viewing.
From the cult film from Lionsgate. This is the t...

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Re: Leprechaun #1 - Free Online Comic

Awesome! Will need to give it a look!

Quite weird that this article came up....earlier today my warped brain was thinking about a face off between the Leprechaun and Rumplestiltskin. What a fight that would be lol

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Re: Leprechaun #1 - Free Online Comic

HAHAHA! thats awesome! thanks for posting this.

and rumplestiltskin  would win over leprechaun. hahaha. leprechauns character.. i cant take it seriously no matter what i do.. "a friend with weed is a friend indeed but a friend with gold is best im told" and lep in the hood... after witnessing that i will never forget how hard i laughed when i was in middle school.