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Anybody hear anything about this movie.

Apparently there was a challenge to watch this movie alone in the theatre to win like 10 000$ or something like that. I wonder how scary Phoonk was. … p;cid=2359

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I actually found the movie online.....sweet. Thanks!!!!

The movie Phoonk, by Ram Gopal Verma, is about a young construction engineer, Rajiv, who is an atheist, non believer and god ridiculer, of course, well established in the construction business. His wife, on the other hand, and also his mother, are god fearing, god respecting religious people. He has two children Raksha and Rohan, and they are portrayed to be the apple of his eyes. The movie takes a weird twist all of a sudden, unexpectedly almost, when Rajiv construction workers unearth a stone figure that strangely resembles a Ganesha idol at a construction site, and he chooses to ignore their please to build a temple for the God because of his atheist policy. His daughter then exhibits strange behavior at her school examinations, which are brushed off by the doctor as a ploy to save her from her bad exam preparation. Somehow, his wife and mother seem to know that something wrong is going on. How Rajiv’s servant finds bones and other voodoo paraphernalia in his house and slowly begins to fall in the shadow of the supernatural form the rest of the film, as he tries to find a cure for his daughter and figure out what is going on. A watchable movie, it will not scare one as much as they expect.

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Cool, i'll check it out... I'm kinda curious about it now.