Topic: Mistfit Sisters

I like to read articles and books about horror movies and I just picked up "Misfit Sisters" today.  By Sue Short, it's about representations of women in horror and so far it's fantastic.  I've only read one chapter but if the rest of the book is anything like chapter 1, I and everyone else is in for a real treat.

I read and hated Carol Clover's "Men, Women, and Chainsaws".  For years I've been telling anyone who'd listen that Clover misreads both male villains' motivations and final girls' empowerment by putting too much emphasis on male-centric analysis and phallic metaphors.  But, lacking an outlet, my criticisms were heard only by my friend Dan and he got real tired of it real fast.

Well, I can give it a rest now because "Misfit Sisters" rejects Clover's overly-masculine reading of horror texts and revisits women in horror, taking a much more neutral point of view.  If you have an interest in this kind of analysis, I highly recommend this book.