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That is right another VS movie lol that is out on DVD Xmas Eve

The story about the competition between Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy to see which of them is a better serial killer..

I have never even heard of Gacy before , i yet to see  Dahmer

No other info at moment

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The Gacy movie is kinda boring.....haven't seen Dahmer-well, the new one anyway...

Re: Dahmer Vs. Gacy (2010) see who is the better serial killer??? I don't get it!! hmm:/

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lol what is there to get!?

who can kill and rape the most deadshit humans in 90 minutes

umm its an interesting idea.. though someone with some real ballz has to do it

fkn brutal sexual violence

wouldnt be a pretty movie, if done right

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I'm thinking pay per view

Gein! Dahmer! Gacy! Bundy! Fish! and the Zodiac!  in the steel cage!!
No rules, except there is no rules!


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I'm thinking we've reached a whole new low as a society.

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you know it would be a hit too then, huh Lon?  lol

ok, I'll go hide now  wink

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LoudLon wrote:

I'm thinking we've reached a whole new low as a society.

I think so too. Treating serial killers as celeberties is not a good thing at all. It's very dangerous. Even if it is just a film and not real.

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MURDERBRAWL sounds like a good idea

whats that movie with arnie in it? i expected humans to be at that point right about now...

they've done well