Topic: PS2 Emulator Help?

Alright heres the deal.
Im confused and frustrated.
I got the bios off a ps2.

And the Pcsx2 program.

And a few iso roms.

Are there any plugins I need to get this working or how to configure my keyboard and mouse. I've tried watching a few tutorials on youtube but im tired of listening 10yr old Add kids.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: PS2 Emulator Help?

I don't know how much help I am going to be, but do a google search for the missing plug ins.  Sometimes you need to actually burn the iso roms to disc in order to boot them.

Re: PS2 Emulator Help?

Best help I can give is...........

Just buy a ps2 and the original games. They're cheap enough tongue

Now if you'd been talking about a Sinclair Spectrum 48k emulator I'd have been right there with you wink

Re: PS2 Emulator Help?

I gave up, i got it working but my games were at half speed. lol

Thanks for the suggestion Machete and Macho.