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On Saturday I was watching the NCAA Final Four games and just so happened to catch this TV spot. I have to say it impressed me which doesn't happen to often. But then again I have been let down big time by trailers and TV spots before. Anyway check o...

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Oooh. Now that is about the 3 or 4th different version of his voice i have heard. I definitely like it the best. I know they are all pretty similar but that one sounds the best to me.
I did very much enjoy that TV spot. I can't wait for this film. Sorry everyone, but I really don't mind the platinum dunes remakes. neutral
Not saying that they are ever better than the originals, but they always provide me much enjoyment. And I must say the two Chainsaw films they did were 2nd and 3rd place for me in that series, original being number one of course, couldn't stop watching it the whole weekend when I rented it.
Ok I have blabbed.
To sum it up, I look forward to this despite what anyone else might think.

Re: Fourth Nightmare On Elm Street TV Spot

I'm with you.  I really don't mind this remake.  Freddy seems like he is going to be scary again and Jackie playing him...I think he's great.  Yes I know it's Platinum Dunes, but...I'm excited about it.