Topic: dvd trade/sell

iam purging out my collection, interested in trading for music( i like death/industrial/groovy rock) or selling 5$(s/h extra depending on were you live) each unless noted, PM if interested, i live in canada.cheers+tokes

stink of flesh
slime city
day of the dead
cool devices1-11(3dvd)20$
dead snow
mpd pyscho
just before dawn
katie bird
feast 2
night to dismember (12movies)6dvds
rojo sangre
dead beat at dawn
friday the 13th 2
resident evil and apocalypse
saw 3
high tension
heavenly creatures
2001 maniacs
undead alive
blue sunshine/monstroid
doomsday machine/werewolf of washington
zombie doom
3 extremes (2dvd)
flesh for the beast
caught in the act(spike and mike animation)
team america
the janitor
ed gein
slaughter disc
sleepaway camp
the forest
two evil eyes
welcome to the jungle
from hell
nailgun massacre
3 extremes 2
happy tree friends-winter break
night of the living dead 3d
evil dead
enter zombie king