Topic: New Twilight Eclipse Trailer Hits Oprah

Here is another tidbit for all you Twilight fans which Alien25 emailed us yesterday but I was on the road and missed a chance to post it.
Twilight Eclipse's new trailer will make its debut on OPRAH on April 23rd. Which leads to a question I hope th...

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Re: New Twilight Eclipse Trailer Hits Oprah

Im a fan of Twilight Saga and Ive never watched Oprah a day in my life....... unless The Color Purple counts. Im not about to start watching her show now. Ill wait for the trailer to hit Youtube. I doubt Ill have to wait longer than 10min.

I know Oprah is apparently supposed to be doing a Twilight related episode at some point but thats not this Friday, as far as I know. It would have made more sense to premiere it then.

Re: New Twilight Eclipse Trailer Hits Oprah

I'll just wait and watch the trailer somewhere else. I wouldn't be able to sit through an episode of Oprah.

Re: New Twilight Eclipse Trailer Hits Oprah

My wife is a huge fan of D'Oprah, as I like to call her, so every once in awhile I have to endure little of her show.  I think I recall that she has had the author, Stephanie what's her face on before, and may even have done an entire show when the second movie came out.
My only question would be why?  Because it seems a bit hypocritical to me, to on the one hand, have so called experts on her show telling her audience that horror movies are bad and that watching them makes people violent, then on the other promoting what its fans so desperately want to call horror?