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Made in Uruguay (!), La Casa Muda/The Silent House is a real-time Blair Witch type movie.  It also claims to be the first 1-countinuous-shot movie.  The trailer seems to promise a good amount of scares, and the camera work is not Cloverfield-shaky.  Looks fairly decent.  The film is currently in post production.

Some more info over at HorrorBid and DreadCentral.

And the Official Website.

And here's the trailer with English subs

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^^ Now that has got my interest!

The line, 'based on/ inspired by real events' scares the hell out of me lol because they usually fall at the first hurdle but I don't know... there was something about that trailer.

The backstory sounds actually really good and whilst the trailer left a lot open to our thoughts it really got me thinking. It could be bad but I really want to see how this turns out! big_smile

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finally someone saw this after all the whining about nothing new being put up.

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Hey Az sweetie I have read about this and was really intriqued by the entire concept, especially the continuous shot angle cool:cool:

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I think it looks pretty damn good. I'm really interested in seeing how it will turn out.

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yikes that looks really creepy

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i really like the look of this! any ideas on release date??

after a bit of digging about i can't find a release date, but i did find out that the director did another movie in 2008 called Deadbox … e_Trailer/

this one looks a little more 'shaky-cam' but i might try to find it just to see what it's like wink

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