Topic: Full Trailer For Jonah Hex

A couple days ago we got a very short sneek peak at what was to come for the full trailer.. Turns out that I kind of wish that was all I got to see. The full version has been released and now it reminds me of the typical bad super hero movie.. Ghost ...

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Re: Full Trailer For Jonah Hex

Hm, I haven't read the graphic novel so I guess I'm entering from a neutral standpoint.  I must admit it looks rather interesting.  I admit I'm interested in seeing it, Malkovich is always a blast in whatever he is in. 

CG looks a bit weak, mostly with the Ironclad late in the trailer wished they coulda done a model with that thing. 

Though it seems that they're alluding to supernatural elements yet toning that stuff down...strange.

Re: Full Trailer For Jonah Hex

Well I'm curious as to what the hell all of it is about. And the fact that Will Arnette was in there for a split second made me happy. But wow Megan Fox, could you TRY any less to sound like a southerner?