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Discover Card and Filmaka are looking for filmmakers who'd like to write and direct a 2-3 minute digital short about someone who wins a millions dollars. They'll be funding production of six shorts with $10,000 each, and one will win $15,000. The films will be seen by millions of people across a host of mass media outlets - online banners, pre-roll, in-store, and on TV! To submit your pitch for consideration, just go to All pitches must be received by Sunday, May 2, 2010, at MIDNIGHT PST.

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This is interesting....:)

but should I report this spammer or not?? hmm lol

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You know what? I just saw all the other spam threads he made. I'll report the guy now.


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Ignored. tongue
He's on topic and not selling stuff. It's also useful info for indie film makers.
Maybe Acey would like to have a go?

But it shows you're thinking creature, keep up the spamwatch.