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I for one am a Hammer Horror geek, I grew up on these classics, being glued to the TV, every Saturday afternoon, watching Creature Double Feature. Being introduced the genre that I would just become a fan of. & Hammer films was one of the first horror films I was exposed too.

What are your favorite films from the studio that dripped blood?

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I haven't seen a whole lot of them but a friend of mine who loves all the classic stuff is introducing me to them, two that stood out were Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed & the excellent The Plague of the Zombies. Others i've seen that i liked were The Devil Rides Out, The Old Dark House. My wife saw one as a kid called The Vampire Lovers which i wouldn't mind seeing for obvious reasons.:D When i was a kid i used to love the Hammer House of Horror, the episode that stuck with me was Children of the Full Moon starring Diana Dors & another episode with an old couple that had these swords on their wall but i don't know the name of that one.

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in no particular order
DRACULA (1958)

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My favs:

Horror Of Dracula
The Curse Of The Werewolf
The Vampire Lovers
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde
The Gorgon
Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell
The Mummy
Blood From The Mummy's Tomb
The Devil Rides Out
The Curse Of Frankenstein
The Brides Of Dracula
Hands Of The Ripper
The Reptile
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Dracula Prince Of Darkness
Quatermass & The Pit
Twins Of Evil

There are more...