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Hi guys - new to the forum. Hope you can help a fellow horror fan and indie filmmaker with a dilemma.

As you all know, the current state of indie film distribution is in a flux.  Traditional models are breaking down and while new ones are starting to take shape, the reality is that it is very difficult to recoup the cost of producing an indie horror film - even a very low-budget one.

That being said, a coveted spot on Netflix still brings with it some level of notoriety (if not ample sums of cash) and my first indie horror film (as editor/producer) The Commune, has a good shot of getting onto Netflix if we can just convince them that there are enough people interested in watching it.

Here's what y'all can do to help:

Take a quick visit to our website:

Poke around and see if this movie of ours interests you at all.  If you liked "House of the Devil", "Wicker Man" (the original of course) or "Rosemary's Baby", you'll probably dig "The Commune".

If you wanted to, you could buy our DVD directly from our website - or you could stream it from IndieFlix.  But you don't even have to do that much to help us out.

If you have a Netflix account you can do us a tremendous favor by simply placing our DVD in your Queue.  Look up "The Commune" in Netflix and click on the "Add to DVD Queue" button.

Even though we have been accepted by Netflix they WILL NOT ORDER ANY DVDs from us until we reach a certain threshold of people saving it in their Queue.  What is that magic number you may ask?  Beats me - they won't tell us.  How do ya like them apples?  But every saved DVD gets us closer to that magic number.

You don't even have to watch the DVD if you aren't interested - simply by saving it in your Queue you are sending a message to Neflix that you are interested in our movie - and in indie horror films in general.

And since you saved it in your Queue, when they finally do order a bunch of DVDs from us, you'll be first in line to check out our little indie film that has reviewers buzzing:

"What THE WICKER MAN remake should have been if it had any balls at all. A creepy insight into the dangers of religious extremism and the control of female sexuality. Beautiful, haunting, but relatable and terrifying."

- Heidi Martinuzzi, Pretty/Scary

Many Thanks!

Todd Miro
Producer/Editor, The Commune