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Right now I have few ideas on my plate and have finally started going back to work on a Nazi vs Monster story I was delayed on.  Still debating about the monster though.  Thinking of demon or werewolf or zombies.  Have some breathing room before I reach that.  Got a bunch of others I have been thinking about but...

But, I gots an idear for a complete togune in cheek, B cheese, self aware, complete "WTF was Rick thinking" horror story and even B movie.

The Plot:

Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear,
To dig the dust enclosèd here.
Blest be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones.

A group of teenagers, after a party and in a slight alcholic haze break into a church and disturb one of the graves inside.  Soon, they find themselves hunted and killed by the vengeful spirit yet all the deaths are related...they all die in similar fashions as characters in famous litature works and soon they figure out the idenity of this vengeful phantom...

William Shakespeare

Kinda silly ain't it?  smile  The italic part is an epitah that apparently is on his tombstone.

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your plate looks very interesting Mr. Simatar, let us know when its complete.
check out the Full Sail school program and let me know what you think, it looks like a great film school (and more) to me.

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Right now I am planning to go to Savannah College of Art and Design down in Georgia.  Their campus is very sweet, spread across Old Savannah and their film progam seem very competent.  One of my old co-worker's at the pool I worked at went there and told me his roommate got an internship at Lionsgate for the summer.  Plus there are various other departments you can get student help from from your flicks...and the biggest thing of all


I love shrimp smile

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I dig ghost stories.

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I like the sypnosis.  Your gonna have to do some research for this one.

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Aye, but that is why some programmer made Wikipedia tongue

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Indeed.  Great source.

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Its one website I know some old classmates used exclusivly for reports and then altered the pages so they wouldn't get caught plagerising. 

I only use it as a jump off point...a great portal site.

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Does anyone know of any indie horror sites??

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I am writing some stuff now as part of my CW degree - i am the only student that is into horror - all the rest of them are into what they call "proper literature"

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simatar, story sound like it will be pretty cool. i love reading shakespear so id like to read your story when its finished.

iv been working very slowly on the horror story that iv been trying to write, iv only got about 50 pages typed. but i keep changing the beginning of the story to an earlier time in the timeline, but thats pretty much all i have is the beginning of the story, and i still have no idea where its going to lead me to.

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Im thinking of writing another screenplay its finally sumthign that hasnt been done yet or in a while but I have nothing but the plot soo im takign my tiem on thsi one.

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Hey Gold, I like the idea for the script about Shakespear, very original.

You need to check out a book called The Wolf's Hour by Robert R. McCammon.  It's about a secret agent that goes into Nazi territory in WWII to stop a weapon from being fired at the Allies.  The secret agent happens to be a werewolf.

I thought about this from the Nazi vs. Monster idea you had.