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Hey all.

I'm currently working on the second draft on my screenplay, tentatively titled VICIOUS.

It's about a psycho who is killing the people who live down his street - using the connecting attics to access their houses.

If anyone is interested in discussing the piece I will post some extracts.

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I'm fuckin interested................................................................................

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There was a film by Tom Savini called Vicious too.....but it was horrible and had the worst CGI.

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So basically the lead character is nameless, he talks to himself and refers to himself in the third person using different names. He's physically rotting away and his house is a sty (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

He uses the connecting attics to spy on his neighbours and soak up their "normal" lives, but eventually watching becomes to much and he starts to torment them... leaving gifts and so forth.

Eventually, his urges take over and he starts to hurt them.

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Hey i gotta psycho who lives down the street from me. He's been living there for years. It was in a insane asylum and for some odd reason they released him and there have been police cars showing up to his house and even causing a raucious too with most of the neighbors. He even took his next door neighbor and pinned him against the wall and was strangling him. He would knock also on some neighbors houses for no reason. He's a mess and still lives there. Man i still remember to this day, my best friend and i playing and all of a sudden he starts yelling at us for no reason.

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Make it nice and gory and I think it could turn out great.

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It's not going to be that gory for the first two acts or so - but it's going to be sick.

It's more of a peeping tom kinda film as this degenerate watches his neighbours... then finally turns nasty on them.