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Name: Dr.  Mercy Whitedeer
Height: 5'8"
Occupation:  Forensic Pathologist/Survivalist
Weight: 130lbs
Weapons: 38 revolver, 12 gauge double barrel, Enfield 303, and other assorted artillery.
Bio:  Native doctor, came up the hard way on the Rez.  Scraped her way through medical school working any job she could.  Specialized in emergency medicine until one day, a whole bus of people were brought into the ER after their bus had been hijacked by terrorists.  The people on the bus had been horribly mutilated and many were already dead.  Disgusted with society she became a survivalist, building a panic room in her house, arming herself, and joining fringe militia groups.  Unable to work with people any more, she became a forensic pathologist.  Where she only had to relate to the dead.
Mercy is currently held up in her fortified house, but not yet in the panic room.  She has food, water, and sufficient supplies and ammo, to last for some time.  Her propensities are known in the community.

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Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

Hm, reading this, I feel compelled to join in on the fun too.

Name: Kyle Mister
Height: 5'10''
Occupation: <None>
Weight: 130lbs
Weapons: <None> (May find some along way)
Bio: High school Grad. Kinda in between places to live. Getting read to go to college. The 19 year old is just the typical suburban punk, getting short-termed jobs here and there to pay for college. Quite an optimist, but also has certain insecurities hidden under his smile. He rarely got into any fights, and preferred talking it out. Responsible mostly for himself, and self-sufficient.

(If needed, I can have him often hanging out by, or in the general vicinity of the radio station)

Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

welcome satchii, join in when you see best, which is probably around now while we are making our escape to the radio station. I think a good spot for you to be is on top of a roof in the city on a building that is nearly surrounded or something. Maybe you locked yourself in a bus or something. again welcome.

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Charater Profile Requirements
Name:Cody Bowen
Age: 18
Height:5 foot 4 inches
Occupation: high school student
Weight: 176
Weapons: a .22 calibur HR revolver and 2 machetes and a 410 shot gun (an iverson johson) as well as 2 bowie knives
Bio: He is an average joe shmo. accept he has an artifical eye. he was at home when the zombies rose and put on his halloween custume from last year. he was atactical officer for halloween that year. he is searching for his highschool crush he khows that she is alive.

Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

I ride past a house and think i see someone on top. if so please yell and let me know. ps. it was surronded by zombies. and i am still looking for my crush if you see her let me know

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Name:Wade Peck
Occupation: On the verge of going pro in paintball
Weight:187 pounds
Weapons:A rusty dirk which he picked up from his home, and a Compound bow.
Bio:Wade is a straight up adrenaline junky, never really liking a dull momment. He enjoys showing off what skills he has and has the ability to emanate an "Assholish" type of attitude to others. He does act like this quite often, but on the inside he's truly a good guy and would put anyones life infront of his on the priority scale. After going through a number of battles in the Army as a spec. ops soldier, he has found that solitude normally brings out memmories, memmories which he doesn't want to reamember ever again as long as he lives. It's very difficult to break his will, just as it is just as difficult to break his up tempo attitude. (Tell us about the charater, is he nice or nasty, was he ever in the army, ever comit crime, ETC)

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NAME: Dolcino Andersen

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 6'3''

OCCUPATION: gun sales men and mixed martial arts trainer

WEIGHT: athletic body, pretty strong

WEAPONS: Customized pistol.
-Magazine- 8 Rounds.
-Cartridge- .454 Casull of a Lucideo Silver Cross/13mm Mercury-Core.
-Length - 29 cm or 39 cm
Fires custom made explosive .454 Casull rounds, with the steel bullets bearing a core made from the melted silver Christian cross from Lucideo Cathedral in Northen Italy.

BIO: Doesnt talk that much, man of few words, doesnt care what goes on, is nice, respective, truthful, morbid, dark, wide sence of humor, can be a jerk at times. the rest of his information is unknown, his family is dead. Dolcino has tan skin, dark green eyes, dark thick black eye lashes, practices mixed martial arts 3 times a week and does simple work outs on the weekends. Black hair with a brownish tint when in the sun or light reflects off of his head.

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Name: Lewis Rutherford
Age: 19
Height: 6' 1"
Occupation: Owner of his own Garage/ Chief mechanic
Weapons: Monkey Wrench, Desert Eagle he bought for safety
Bio: Lewis was born and bred in England, but moved to America when he finished school. He originally lived in Manhattan, but couldn't cope with the hustle and buslte, so he moved to Watertown. Scraped enough money together to buy and own his own garage in the middle of town. Lewis is shy, but will put up a fight if cornered. Can fix nearly anything with a motor.

Hope this is okay

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Name: Ryan Fisher
Height: 6'2"
Occupation:College Student (Studies Education)
Weight: 220
Weapons: hatchet (Will eventually have .22 lever action rifle with 16 shot clips and 12 guage pump action)
Bio: Ryan is 6'2" blond and blue eyed. He used to play football on the O-Line but quite when he started attending college. He lost alot of his playing weight while keeeping on a fair amount of his playing muscle. Ryan was attending Bowling Green State University when the outbrake started. Even though the area of North West Ohio had not been hit by the out break yet, Ryan decided to go past the line of infection to try and find his family in Watertown. Even though him and all the men in his family hunt, he can't stand to see an animal suffer, so he carries a hatchet in his truck just in case he hits an animal with it. He is about 15 miles from his home that is located just 1 mile from town.

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Name: Killian Murphy

Age: 32

Height: 6'6

Weight: 275

Occupation: Former Convict

Weapons: Killian tends not to use his wepons unless he has too. Over the years he's addapted to prison life and can fend of most anyman, live or dead, with his sheer power. On his back he carries a 1/4 inch thick x 2 inch wide piece of flat rod iron steel thats 4 feet long, which he sharpened into a makeshift sword. as soon as he got released under national emergency from prison. Also He carries on his belt a .357 sig, semi auto, black metal pistol curtesy of his favorite guard. A double barreled short barreled shotgun is strapped to his thigh for when things get heavy.


History- Born in Ireland into a wealthy family his parents were told that he would one day grow to be a very strong man and fairly tall. As he grew up he was always an intelligent child but a very quiet and cold child. His mother had always forced him to do his schoolwork and not to play with other children after his father had died when he was only seven. He studied and learned of the greek gods and decided to worship them at the age of 12.

His mother would soon move to the US when he turned 17. She wanted him to goto Harvard. He wanted to do what he wanted and live life the way he wanted, and he would. Being brought up the way he did it wasnt hard for Killin to slit his mother's throat in her sleep. Hell he always thought of it as being nice to her. After the police had ruled him out after he claimed a burglar came in and his mother struggled. After this he began working at the docks and training in his spare time since he could now live off the wealth of his parents. He lived the life he wanted which included not only working and training, but killing. He was known in the paper as the pearl killer. For each of his victims that he raped and killed, or just flat out killed, he placed a pearl in their killing wound. There was 9 in all, After trying to kill the wrong woman he found out he was part of a setup. They had all the evidence they needed to convict him and so he was locked away.

Personality- Killian is exactly as he seems on the outside. He's tough as rod iron steel and as emotionless as an aluminum can. Don't be mistaken because he looks like a brute, he's an incredibly intelligent man which makes him all the more dangerous. If you run acorss this man do exactly that, he's a natural born killer. He's been this way his whole life do to certain circumstances. He has no regrets and tends to believe in the greek gods, one in particular Aries. He believes he was born to live out his life as his god intended it. Through war and bloodshed.

Theme Song- The Sinner In Me - Depeche Mode

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Name: Jack Lalen
Age: 17
Height: 6'5
Occupation:Delivery Boy
Weight: 176
Weapons: He got a decoration samurai sword, and a old Luger.
Bio: He was born in Sweden, but moved to the US when his parents broke up, his mother stayed in Sweden.
When he was in his early 15, he commited his first crime, and that was assaulting a person. He got caught and did time in prison. When he got out, some months later, he started working as a delivery boy, and that's what he has been doin since.

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Name: Johnothan Kane
Age: 36
Height: average
Occupation: Custom Gun and Knife maker
Weight: average
Weapons: Two 8" chrome Colt Python .357 with scope, a cold steel gurkha kukri and a XM8 assault rifle with 20" barrel 3000 rds C-mag , scope and bipod.
Apperance: muscular with shoulder length brown hair, black combat boots, black cargo pants, white shirt, large black trench coat, black gloves and a XM50 JSGPM Gas Mask
Bio: Kane was always the 'bad kid' he smoked and he drunk but he was still an exellent student and always got in the top 5 in every class. When he was 18 and in year 12 he got kicked out of school and sent jail for beating his PE teacher half to dead. When he got out he started hunting and soon started his own custom gun and knife business in Watertown. Kane has a reputation for being hostile but incerdibly nice when someone is hurt or in trouble and is always the first person to help and or risk his life to save someone even a stranger.

I will post when i have read the story.

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Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

Name: Alkar Farenthal

Age: 23
Height: 6'2
Occupation: Tech Specialist FBI
Weight: 196 Lbs
Weapons: Colt Single Action Army, KA-1256 combat knife, M21 Sniper Rifle
Bio: Alkar wanted to be part of the secret service since he was a kid. He quickly convinced his father who was a member that this was his dream and trained at military bases in shooting. As an adult he earns his money working as a tech specialist for the FBI and participating in Sniping contests. He was on his way home from a contest when the outbreak became full force.

Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

Name: Wade Greener

Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Occupation: Student
Weight: 200 Lbs
Weapons: 9mm revolver with two bullets left
Bio: Greener was working on his bachelor degree before the zombie apocalypse came around. He was apart of the ROTC program and was training to be a Marine. He was a bit of a loner and never liked having more than three friends at a time. He focused on school and almost never partied. ROTC trained him to be a skilled leader and also trained his body mentally and physically. As a kid he always dreamed of a zombie apocalypse, planing on what to do with his friends. Even as he grew older he still believed that one day it would happen. But when he started colledge he dropped zombies and started focusing on reality. Now he's currently in a random house in the upper-class neighborhood.

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Name: Jack Skidmore (Nick name Skidz)

Age: 26
Height: 6'3
Occupation: soldier
weight: 160
weapons: 10mm Handgun combat knife m4a1(no ammo)
bio: Skidz was a Corporal in the American army wile flying over watertown his helicopter crashed killing his intire squad by some miricle he survived and walked into water town he is hideing in a boat some ware in a lake near watertown.

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My Character

Name: Blake Mills
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Occupation: RAF Pilot
Weight: 15 stone
Weapons: Duel Pistol's ( M9 ), Sniper ( Intervention )
Bio: Was a Raf Pilot for 6 years his Helicopter crashed landed near Water town, Was also a Good shot with a Sniper. He found his weapons from the Marine's killed in the crashed, He ran to to Water town and found it overrun with zombies, That's when he decided to go hide out in a Shop which he cleared out.

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Name: Ethan
Age: 27
Height: 6'9
Occupation: U.S. Marine Corps veteran.
Weight: 175
Weapons: AK-47, Machete, Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum, SV-98, RPK, M60, and Remmington 870
Bio: Your average badass, but not to special. After retirement, he became a hunter. Tough, and resourceful, he knows what to do when in a bad situation. He thinks for others, and knows how to deal with people who give him crap.

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Name: Scream (real name unknown)
Age: 15
Occupation: High school student
Weight: 121
Weapons: AK-47, Machete
Bio: Scream is a very quiet and shy girl. Her father died in a car crash when she was 5, her mother died at birth. She was an orphan. She kept to herself often, and learned not to attach to anyone. Although, she will protect anyone she sees in danger.

Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

name: Jhon C Gilnn
occupation: homeless
hight: 6¨
weapons: hunting knife , hand-to-hand combat
bio: Jhon is a veteran dishonorable discharge for assault of an officer.
when he returned home his wife had left with ther son Cody.
his father had died when he was away, mother (unknown)
stay to himself under a bridge at the edge of town as a scavenger.
has problem killing zombie children. Whants to help but is afraid of what peaple have done to him and now the world...

Re: Watertown, PA (Zombie RP Sign Up)

Is this still going? If so,
Name: Steve Freeling
Age: 40
Occupation: Real Estate
Height: 6' 3½"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Weapons: Colt .45, M1 Garand, Hammer, Shovel, Knife, and Fists
Bio: Has a wife, Diane, who is 38. They have a 12-year-old son Robbie, and a 9-year-old daughter Carol Anne. They're from California trying to start fresh from their problems. Also has a daughter Dana, but she went to live with a relative as she couldn't take it, and they don't know what's happened to her, and are now looking for her. Once lived in a haunted house that turned out to be built on top of a graveyard and now has a hard time trusting people. Now the four of them must try to survive in a world that's nothing like the one they knew, and seems to have just changed overnight.
So, when does the fun start?

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