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Knights of Badassdom follows a group costumed LAPR(Live action Role Players AKA biggest geeks in the world) who accidentally release a real life heavy metal demon. The demons are going to be created by Spectral Motion, previously responsible for various Hellboy hellions and several Last Stand X-Men.

It will be directed by Joe Lynch(Hell Yeah!) and it will star Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, and Danny Pudi. I believe there is also more info over a

Three things to say about this.

#1. The title alone is amazing.

#2. If you do not like the plot you are officially anti awesome.

#3. Summer Glau is finally going to be in a horror film which means she can finally be a horror vixen on this site. If she's not a horror vixen on this site me and Aza will burn this mofo to the ground. big_smile

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Extreme larping YESH LOL this sounds great

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This is the kind of shit I live for. My mouth is watering big_smile

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#2. If you do not like the plot you are officially anti awesome


the plot does sound like good fun

anything with metal & demon involved has me sold

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Sounds like a movie about hemroids.:lol:

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1) I knew some LARPers- they're hardcore (if still a bit geeky, but I have no margin to talk in that category)
2) Summer Glau.  I've been smitten since Firefly.
3) The CGI better be good.

I lkey.  Monkey approved.