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<p>We already shared the trailer for Vampires Suck the new spoof of Twilight and now we have the poster. Checkout the poster and the trailer below. </p>
<p align="center"><img height="755" alt="" hspace="0" src="" width="531" align="baseline" border="0" /></p>
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Re: Twilight Spoof: Vampires Suck Poster

Why doesn't it actually look that bad? I actually want to see this. Probably because anything that makes fun of twilight is funny lol I don't think they are bad movies, I have not read the books, but they are not my cup of tea either.
I would like to see how they incorporate Buffy in this big_smile
The jokes look pretty much the same as their other movies, but they actually have a few good one's that had me chuckle or laugh: Edward putting on make-up, "are you the black eyed peas?", Jacob taking his shirt off every 10 minutes of screen time and the stupid "team something" girls at the end .

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