Topic: Questions about reviews.

Hi. Just a friendly question about the movie review process on this site. I like to write reviews. In fact I have written a bunch  since I became a member on this site. The only problem is that not all of them get posted. What I wanted to know is:

   Is there a limit to the reviews someone can write per month?
   Is there some sort of selection process? If so, am I not always following the   rules?
  Is it a space issue?

If you could clarify this with me it would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, this is a great site. smile

Re: Questions about reviews.

Hey Frank, I don't think there is a number of reviews that can be written in a month... well as many movies and reviews you could write. Reviews must be longer than a sentence or two. I think there is a very limited number of people who approve reviews, Meh might be the only one, im not sure. Not all reviews get featured on the main page either, there are many factors that determine if they get feature, like if it is a new or unheard of movie.

Re: Questions about reviews.

I think all reviews which fit within the parameters should be approved and would like the approval process to be quicker.

I would like to read multiple reviews before I actually see a movie, and there are some reviewers I trust more then others, mainly because I know they're tastes match mine.  I'm also interested in the average, because it gives me some idea of how horror fans on this site view the film in general.  I'd hate for some voices not to be heard, as that would skew the results.

In short, I don't care how often a movie has been reviewed, or how old it is, I want to be able to read all of them.

Re: Questions about reviews.

This is true// whether or not they make it to the home / main page is not an issue.. but I would very much like to see them on the Reviews page..  at least the ones that qualify meaning that they are more than 2 sentences are are written decently