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In case you missed the news from ComiCon, Jeremy Renner has been cast as Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo has been announced as the replacement for Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Hulk is becoming like Batman was at first: cant keep anyone in the same role for long.  And I still am not happy with Chris Evans being Captain America after he was Human Torch.  And now that Disney has their hands all over The Avengers, I can only assume it's going to be dumbed down and kid friendly.

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I've thought that myself but I'm stll going to be checking it out.  I'm actually jazzed about Evans being Captain America, not to mention the addition of Renner (an amazing actor) and Ruffalo (so effin' good in Zodiac). 

Of course I grew up on Marvel comics so I'm basically eight years into a total fanboy orgasm, which I'm sure will continue with the upcoming Thor, Cap and Avengers flicks.

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I agree. I'm ok with Chris Evens, and while i lament the loss of Ed Norton (one of the best actors of our generation played the Hulk!) Ruffolo can hold his own and actually may be a better fit for the Ultimate Bruce Banner who is considerably more mousy.

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it sucks Ed Norton not carry on being Brue Banner but the work going into The Avengers will make it not so bad and i can't wait to see Chris Evans as Cap America

also have people seen teh Leaked 5 min trailer to Thor, its kool

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I saw the leaked Thor trailer....I know nothing about Thor so I had no feelings  about it....then i saw the 5 min trailer.....I can now say with absolute uncertainty I now have no interest in the film. All i could thinnk of watching it was "man, this looks like that shitty flash gordon film all over again"