Topic: Finally getting to see Dexter season 4!


I was trying to hold out until it plays on public TV here but I GIVE UP lol.

I'm going to my Dad's tomorrow to watch the whole season in 1 day. Then I will come back here and post what I thought.

I am sick of being the only one who hasn't seen it!

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Re: Finally getting to see Dexter season 4!

haha well it's about damn time!  have a fun marathon and I look forward to what you have to say! smile

Re: Finally getting to see Dexter season 4!

Well it wasn't much of a marathon because I had to skip through it and missed a lot of the middle.

But I couldn't believe the ending. I think it has ruined the show! I was screaming at the TV because Rita is one of the best characters and I can't believe they killed her off sad. And I cried! Seeing Harrison on the floor covered in blood, that was so evil to do that and Dexter's flashbacks to his mothers death were so so sad.

I thought it was funny watching Dexter trying to juggle work and killing and his family lol. In the neighbourhood watch ep I laughed so hard when he was like 'This neighbourhood is going to kill me'. I laughed when he pushed Astor into the pool as well xD.

John Lithgow was EPIC creepy as Trinity, really amazing. I wish he didn't have nude scenes though lol. I liked how he made that lady jump.

Now I just need to watch it properly on my own because my Dad sucks, as I told you lol. I didn't get to understand why Trinity killed in those patterns either.

Re: Finally getting to see Dexter season 4!

oh that sucks babe! but yeah I was so shocked, I swear I yelled "no" like a hundred times.  That's all I could think about for like the whole day after I saw it!  haha I'm not surprised you cried tongue

Yeah I figured Dexter would get caught or something trying to do all that juggling, haha yeah he's very socially ackwards like me, but I'm not a serial killer... I swear tongue

John Lithgow was amazing, he made a great serial killer!  but yeah you definitley need to go back and watch it  Trinity's pattern is explained, I won't tell you though, you have to see for yourself tongue

Re: Finally getting to see Dexter season 4!

Baby_Firefly I take it you don't have Showtime don't fret I don't have it either,but I know how you can get your fix.Since Season 3 has been on the air i've been downloading the episodes online. Simply go to Tv Freeload they have a Dexter thread where episodes are uploaded.

When the new season starts give it about monday to find the latest episode up.Sometimes the episodes are up within a few hours after airring,but most likely it's monday morning. I don't have Season 4 on dvd yet but I plan on once I have some spare cash (currently have all three seasons).

I know how you feel about the finale I was knocked on my ass because I loved Rita.But I accepted it because for one i'm a fan of Michael C Hall,as well as the whole cast. I haven't seen a show where I love the entire cast since Alias. I watch the show because of the story of Dexter and going by how the current story will be for Season 5.

I highly recommend you check out Season 5 this fall from the trailer,and description by the cast.As well as the producers behind the show this is going to make Season 2 look like a cake walk. I'm a long time fan of Julie Stiles she's talented and beautiful,so i'm curious how her role will be. With Dexter feeling guilt over Rita's death,his Astor feeling anger toward Dexter. Quint being on Dexter's toes as well as the FBI this is going to have his trials from.The Bay Harbor Butcher storyline seem like nothing so i'm pumped for this new season.