Re: New "Alien" Movie

thegoldensimatar wrote:

Would have also loved to see the 2nd director's vision.  Vincient Something, gone blank on his name.  Such a unquie take on it.  If you have the Alien Quadrilogy box set or planning to get it, definatly listen in on his vision...that would have been one kick ass and different enough to make it worthy.

That would be the kiwi director Vincent Ward. He wrote a script and went out to L.A to visit Fox. The studio did a double take and brought in Fincher, who pretty much included all Ward's ideas in Alien 3. Hence why Ward gets a credit for the third movie.

Would agree Ward's version would have kicked Fincher's butt.

IF AvP 2 earns some coin at the Box Office maybe we will finally get Alien 5.