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Just watched the trailer.
Looks like it could be pretty good,especially as it skewers the Twilight series.

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Vampires Suck (2010)
This yet another spoof, this time it a spoof of Twilight’ movie.

I do seem to like a lot Spoof movies, such as all the scary movies, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, Not another teen movie, Superheor movies, i did enjoy those movies

I did not like date movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie or Stan Hellsing and i have not seen Meet the Spartans.

However for Vampires Suck, i did not hate it and i did not love it and it was worth watching at least

The movie start of really poor, some of the jokes are way over the top and do not work, but after 20 mins of the movie, it did get a bit better then were some okay jokes scenes which made me laugh few times but it's much better then the god awfull Disaster Movie and Stan Hellsing put together but not as good as any of the Scary movies or even Superhero movie.

if you don't like spoof, miss it, and if you liked Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, then you might like this too .

i going this 3 and half out 10 lol

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All of the spoof films suck except for the first Scary Movie. This one will probably be the same.

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I agree with Suspiria here,.....I enjoyed the first two Scary Movies but just hated the rest.  I'd rather just watch an episode of SNL than pay 9 dollars a ticket to see the same crap at theaters

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I loved the first 3 scary movies but the others werent as enjoyable although I do like to watch spoof movies I am really looking forward to this one

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I liked Stan Helsing.

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I'm going to see it tomorrow.

I'm excited because I bet it made SMeyer cry lol and I hate Twilight so much I think it was made for me.:D

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This movie was HILARIOUS!! I highly recommend it because it had me in tears of laughter.

"Break ups are hard, especially if you're dumped by someone as hunky as Edward. That boy can really fill out a pair of jeans. I mean mmmmmm look at that! Look at that!"