Topic: Puzzled by Stephen Corron (2010)

Hello friendly patrons of Horror,

As co-producer on the 2010 Short horror film Puzzled I thought I should bring some attention to it and introduce you all to the website as well as check out the trailer. The video is available through the website and I urge someone out there to pick up a copy and review it. I would do it myself, but as I mentioned I am co-producer so it would be a conflict of interest.

[youtube] … iHPlqXY1B4[/youtube]

[youtube] … fgymUMJUnM[/youtube]

Re: Puzzled by Stephen Corron (2010)

very cool - are you Kimberly Campbell??

special thanks to george romero - why dont you guys just give him a free sex session

"When Emily, an elderly widowed woman, runs out of puzzles to complete she receives a strange package on her front porch. Little does she know that it comes with a deadly surprise with in. Some puzzles are never meant to be finished."

that sounds really cool and original - from what i know (no doubt some old skool boring black n white has touched on the idea, like everything else)