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So I've written a movie. It's my third one and I'm pretty happy with it. Would love some feedback on the concept.

It's called Blood Soldiers. Think BLADE meets UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.

It's about this Green Beret who is fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan, gets mortally wounded in combat and saved by a life saving transfusion of blood. He recovers in record time with new found abilities and heightened senses. But his abilities are accompanied by am unquenchable thirst...

He becomes the leader of an elite unit of vampire soldiers, charged with taking out the Taliban in Afghanistan, all the while seeking a way to return to the life he once knew.

Whaddya think?

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concept sounds like it could be entertaining - sounds like it has borrowed a number of ideas and meshed them together - which is alright

would be good if you teach people about the Taliban - rather than use them as a source of EVIL - i think you should make it more GREY - rather then black n white - you know? everyone is evil and everyone is good - because they all have their own reasons

but the blood transfusion vampire death squad unit sounds cool

edit: you'd think an elite squad of soldiers would be able to take out the Taliban fairly quickly - but no, we now need a vampire squad

what do the taliban have? Rocks - RPGs - AK-47 - surface to air missles? No real recon equipment other than their eye balls

seriously - an elite squad should be able to do it without being vampires

if i was hunting the taliban - they'd be eliminated by now and the war would be over

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Sounds good. Yeah I wanna leave area's grey and I definitely try to do that with the US military. Ie Are soldiers honorable warriors, or hired killers? Thanks for the feedback.

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Sounds awesome. Taliban being attacked by vampries = Awesome.

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We're tweeting about it too! If you wanna check out some of the artwork, check out blood_soldiers on twitter  and follow the links. smile

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Do you have a trailer you can post here? big_smile

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Not yet, as we still haven't made it! But you can see more about it including the poster and some artwork we've had done. Head over to Twitter and follow blood_soldiers. There's a link to our fund drive there where there are some goodies.

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Got a cool new interview with Neil Jackson, our lead actor who was in Blade: The series talking about his role in the film. follow us on twitter blood_soldiers smile

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because he was in the blade tv series - does that mean he has vampire experience?

like in southpark when they get kurt russel to go through the portal to imagination land - because he was the most experienced person - he had be in a similar movie (star gate)