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First off I just want to say I've been here for over a month now and the community here is amazing, I've experienced other forums and such before and it's clamouring with huge ego's but here is different, everyone is so friendly and helpful and it's a great place to be. big_smile

Many years ago, if my memory serves me right I think 8 years ago now I made a low, well actually a NO budget horror movie titled Dark At Dawn on an old-school VHS-C camcorder with a few friends and yes the movie did suck big_smile but we had a blast making it. One day I will show you guys but at the moment I don't have the equipment to transfer VHS to a digital copy (I'm not very good with all that technical jargon) anyway the movie, starts out in the late 1800's where a demon was trapped inside an old coin, and the only way it could be released was by a drop of human blood coming in contact with the coin.

So in the opening scene we see the demon get released and takes a victim and then we fast forward to the present day, where a group of kids, out of curiosity find this coin buried in the woods and they unleash this demon. The movie is very psychological, I made it so you don't know what is happening, whether it is real or a dream or some psychosis. 

One day I will post it and you can all laugh at how bad it really is big_smile

Anyway what brings me to this topic in the first place is, I began making a sequel titled Dark At Dawn Pt.2 Paranoia for the Dead which I have the opening scene for you guys to feast your eyes on, and yes you may laugh and tell me how bad it really is big_smile

So I started filming the sequel, but unfortunately before I could ever finish it my trusty camcorder died on me and I've never had the money to get a new one, but one day I will finish it, as well as the other No budget movies I've been making.

So to give you the rundown the character Sissy (played by my sister big_smile ) is staring in the mirror because at the end of the first movie the demon was standing behind her, then she looks up and it's gone, during what you are about to see, you will see people with wounds on them, that's because they died in the first movie and Sissy can't believe they are here, so she is not sure what is real anymore.

Hopefully you understand my ramblings and now I'll show you the first ten minutes of the sequel, I know it's rubbish but I had fun doing it and I will continue doing it, it's really just for my own enjoyment and just a hobby I love doing smile

You can check out the Dark At Dawn Pt.2 Paranoia for the Dead preview here:

Hahaha so what did you think?

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Omg that sounds awesome, when we were teens, we wrote up a silent film with Pink FLoyd music. Never got it on film, but it was fun finding the spots, abandoned truck, swamp, rocky hill face, stream in the woods. Making the goo and planning. OURS was about two girls findng an interesting huge crux necklace and just by touching it and pondering over it, it brings back long hidden evil from the forest. Full of dead, hooded robed figures and of course Zombies, these two girls run and fight their way through a gauntlet of death.
ah Good times eh? wink

Get it transfered!! I wanna see!!! I wanna see!!

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That sounds freaking AWESOME!!! You should so make it! Anything with zombies = WIN big_smile
Making films is so much fun, and I can't believe you wanna see my film smile