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Is there not a Forum search feature? I can't go through all of these pages and I don't want to be rude if there are already discussions going. Mod help?

Anywhoo, its been confirmed that 'Night of the Demons' will be premiering at ScreamFest LA! That means I get to see it! cool

Mansions, teens, party...DEMONS!!!!!


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At the top of the page just above your name there is a little orange link titled "search" guess what it does.
But you won't bother reading my reply, you never do.

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Let me try Macho

Just above your name bella and slightly to the right, you'll see a little orange button titled "search" guess what it does wink

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Thanks Morguey but I doubt she'll pay attention, damn interns never do wink

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Np Macho

Maybe a bag full of bricks will get her to listen wink