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Below from the studio comes a good look at the one sheet for the upcoming zombie action flick La Horde. When a high-ranking and well-respected police detective is found murdered by a gang of homicidal mobsters, a small group of his closest colle...

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La Horde is amazing. I've already watched it twice. Tons of action and gore big_smile

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yeah - good times indeed - i so want it on bluray - looks like it was shot for HiDef

i wish that guy got his guts torn out on top of the car though sad

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i got this on DVD the other day

was walking through the store - to kill time - expecting not to find anything cool

walk past the new release area - what do i see - THE HORDE - with this cover

instantly grabbed a copy - might watch it tonight - a bit pissed its not bluray - but if i find a bluray ill get it and swap this dvd for something else

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HOLy shit, its released now? Or is it the French version
im glad they used this as the cover, so cool

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well this was a random australia release on dvd - i dont know if it has been distributed in other regions

what do you mean by french version? i didnt buy it from france if thats what your asking

but hopefully it is in french

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LOL wow Australia getting it b4 other places thats shocking, yeah i just meant if it was the french dvd version becuase you said you stumbled upon Chaw at a dvd rental place. nvm  i get

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yeah dude - i was amazed when i saw it - some dude was standing in my way - i just yelled out "sweeet!" and pushed him a side and grabbed a copy

i noticed him pick one up n look at the back smile hopefully he grabbed a copy too

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Loved it, wishing American horror was as good as this was just so I can see more horror in the theaters and not be disappointed.