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I've been wanting to buy the UK disc of Centurion but holding off in case it's not the full version of the film.  Shorter PAL runtimes and the UK Classification system confuses me at times.

Anyone in the UK know if it is the full film?  Don't want to buy it and a few months later hear the US dvd is an extended or bloodier version.

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Re: Centurion

It is.  Why would you think otherwise?

The BBFC does not cut films like this any more, the BBFC passes much now the MPAA would never do.

And PAL is easy...for every 100 minutes a film runs in NTSC (or at the cinema), just knock 4 minutes off for PAL.
So a 100 minute NTSC DVD will run for 96 minutes in PAL.

But most running times on DVD covers are approximations and rounding ups anyway.

Re: Centurion

Well in the US our rating system is simple with G, PG, PG13, R, NC17 and Unrated.  UK is very, VERY wacky (at least from a Yank and specifically a theater employee) with the numerous rating labels. 

My thing has been Centurion (and with other UK releases) is that they'res rated 15 in the UK which but of course will be rated or are rated R stateside.  My confusion is much the same with Australia there is the M which seems to be this odd PG13/R hybrid.

I don't have as much issue with PAL runtimes anymore, though Nanny McPhee 2 has screwed up our usher schedules a bit.  I think our corporate office received the PAL runtime as it lets out about 5 minutes early every single show.  Silly suits tongue

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