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Is anyone going to the Toronto International Film Festival?
I plan on seeing "Let Me In" on Monday evening.

I would also love to see Stakeland or The Ward,  but probably wont have time to see them.

Here is the link to the TIFF website: … ghtmadness

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hey dirty Tim Hannigan who writes for our site is going to see The Ward and a few others.

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I attended the world premeire of John Carpenter's The Ward last night at TIFF!  I am such a John Carpenter fan!  big_smilelol:D The Ward is an Old School Horror Movie from an Old School Director.  The movie was very character driven with quite a few scares.  Set in an old Psychiatric hospital with plenty of atmosphere!   
Earlier I saw the Hammer Films  remake of Let the Right One In,  I have to admit I was skeptical of a remake, but The Director took the best parts of the original film and added to it.  Personally, I thought the remake was better than the original.  The director added more 80s nostalgia to it, and expanded on the isolated feeling of the main character which made it more enjoyable.   

Two excellent movies in one night, I love it!