Topic: Kurosawa's Ikiru 35mm Print!! @ The Plaza Nov 1&6/2010

Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru
7:00pm, Monday, November 1, 2010
12:00pm, Saturday, November 6, 2010
The Plaza Theatre · 1133 Kensington Road NW
35mm · B&W · 143 mins · Japanese w/ English subtitles

Kurosawa returned two years later with his caring and poignant rendition of personal struggle to find meaning in life. The sad protagonist in Ikiru (1952) is "an aging widower, a petty government official who has done nothing but shuffle papers and pass the buck for thirty years." (Crowther, 1960) Struck with cancer, the man determines to redeem himself for his past inaction by wholeheartedly devoting himself to the completion of a single counter-bureaucratic endeavour: getting a children's playground built before he dies. Though Kurosawa's technical genius often shines through the heart-wrenching emotion, it only serves to deepen our empathy for his characters; his humanism is thus at its peak, and his film is essential viewing because of this alone.

You see more human nature and more Japanese customs in this film—more emotion, personality and ways of living—than in most of the others that have gone before.
Bosley Crowther, 1960, New York Times