Topic: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Does this movie sound really familiar ( I just found out about but may give a watch near xmas time)

Plot: A man (Jay Mohr) has to repeat Christmas Day over and over until he realizes how selfish he has become and changes his ways

Scene from the movie, i can't seem to find a  trailer … re=related

What movie dose  this sound  like?
Or or is it a Complete utter rip off of that movie or is it  just a clone?

which one do you think is? 

As anyone seen this movie?

Re: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Sounds like Groundhog Day.

Re: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

sounds exactly like groundhog day

Re: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Stop copying me, Mistress.

Re: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

I have seen it a few times I really liked it like to the point where I would want to own it

Re: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Some plots are just apt for remaking like “The Martian wiener eating monkeys of Alcatraz” I mean how many more times do we have to see that again?

Re: Christmas Do-Over (2006)

This is on my xmas list now lol

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