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So I noticed a lot of celebrities look like other people these days, so I thought maybe starting a thread for this would be interesting.  I am intrigued to see who some of you guys think looks like someone else. 

Being the first entry, I am going to post one that I find quite similar.  I believe this has been touched upon before on a thread too, but my look-alike is Eli Roth and Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes)  I went ahead and added photos to show the creepiness.

Here is Eli:

Here is Zachary:

Pretty creepy, I think.

Re: Celebrity Look-alikes

they do look alike.

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Yeah, I think that's on his myspace.  Creepy stuff.

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Did u see when Zachary was on The Soup and sliced off the top of the host's head?  It was great.