Topic: BROKEN HEARTS [Canada]

So, I just saw this movie called BROKEN HEARTS. It was shot on a budget of like 2 grand in Canada by a bunch of university students. The trailer was well done but too flashy and it looked a little weird. But I saw the screening in hopes I'd have a good laugh.

Holy shit, this movie was fucked up. K I'm not gonna go into details, but it was far better than it ever had the right to be. I'm not saying go see it if it plays near you. It's not everyone's cup of tea. In fact I'm posting here right away (I'm a virgin to this site :$) because I'd like to get this movie noticed.

First - it's gory as hell. Like vomit inducing. No blood sprays ala HATCHET, no grisly torture porn just a ot a lot a lot of guts and hearts being ripped out. Like there's shit like bone marrow and protective casings to organs that are exposed. It's sooo nasty!

The crew did a good job at stylzing this movie to look older than it should be which yes has become a bit cleche but it works for this movie.

So yeah, there's my little plug for this movie lol tongue

ps. check it -

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apparently it comes out in toronto october 13