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A new twist on the Werewolf genre.

A wolf turns into a man after getting bitten by a woman during the full moon. The wolf-turned-human seeks shelter in a nearby remote housing camp, which happens to be headed by the woman who bit him and two rival males. Before the night is over the "humans" will learn the true nature of the strange woman and themselves. The fight for the female is on.


    * AJ Annila has been quoted saying: "I want to take this style of film and turn it on its head. What would happen if a human bit a wolf, and human blood entered a wolf? With Human I expect to do totally different kind of werewolf film, so don’t expect anything familiar to this sub-genre."
    * Director AJ Annila also worked on the Finnish horror art film Sauna.
    * Written by Doug Taylor (Splice).
    * Also known as The Human Animal.
    * No relation to the French film Humans (Humains).
    * The film is described as a "werewolf adventure in reverse".

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this could also be fun as a horror comedy

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Sounds interesting to say the least.