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The door creaked open by itself revealing a dark candlelit foyer. Freddy stuck his head past the door jam and hollered “Hello, Trick or Treat. Anyone there?” there wasn’t an immediate answer, then from somewhere in the darkness a young child’s giggle broke the silence. “Someone’s messing with us, let’s check it out.” John said as he stepped inside. Visibly scared William followed, He told himself this was just the type of Halloween adventure he had hoped for. Freddy paused but then entered, not wanting to be left outside across from the graveyard by himself.

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Inside the house they could see old victorian furniture in the candlelight.  Heavy velvet curtains framed the doorways and somewhere deep in the house soft music was playing. There were no Halloween decorations, but there was a spooky feel to the place.
John cleared his throat " Hello ?? Anyone home ?  Trick or Treat ? "

again the child giggling . They turned in the direction of the laughter. Freddy stepped into the room. it was a parlor room and on the table was a big glass bowl full of candies.
" I guess they left it out for kids to help themselves ? " John pushed him aside and grabbed handfuls. " Lets take some, hurry up and get out of here then ! "

William felt uneasy.

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“You boys like candy, don’t ya?” asked a voice from the doorway. Startled John dropped some of his handfuls. The boys turned to see a women standing in the doorway. She was wearing a black dress and old-fashioned looking hat with a veil. The boys were stunned by her sudden appearance. But stunned turned to fear quickly as their brains processed what stood before them. 

William thought the women’s clothes looked like something out of Mary Poppins, but tattered. Her hands hung limp to her side and she smelled musty, earthy like a mulch pile.   John walked toward her as he replied “we like candy, thanks we…” the woman cut him off repeating herself “You boys like candy, don’t ya?” just as she did a candle flickered and John got a better look at her face. It was the face of a rotted and bug eaten corpse. John turned pale and backed  towards his friends. William pointed and shouted look at her feet. Her feet hung an inch above the floor, toes pointing down. The woman floated slowly towards them arms and legs hanging lifeless. “You boys like candy, don’t ya?” she repeated.

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they heard giggling again, from behind the woman the boys saw the faces of children , floating, At first it seemed the children were hiding behind the woman, but in fact it was just their heads . floating specters of dead children. .  " eat some candy...." they said almost in sing-song " staaaaay and play with usssss "
They boys dropped the candy and ran out the door. They could hear the floating heads behind them...  " eat the candy... staaaaaaay and plaaaaaaay " 

They never looked back ..just ran until their lungs felt like they were on fire and they felt like throwing up.. 
They only stopped when they reached Freddy's house.

Freddy's brother and his friends were hanging out on the porch.

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smoking a dried toad through a large reed just like William had seen once in an ancient manuscript.

(just had to embellish.  carry on. LOL)

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They told the older boys of what happened. 

Freddy's brother told them of the story of a woman back in 1914 named Margret Kimbell, apparently a very wealthy woman who could not have children and became quite insane after her husband left her for a woman who could bear children. Seems Margret would lure children in at Halloween and feed them poisned candy.  She killed about a dozen children over the years.

The boys all listened with wide eyes.

" But you couldnt have been there " The older boy told them " That house burned to the ground over 40 years ago "

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"we know what we saw, toad-smoker!", the group then quickly exclaimed.

(I think I'm getting the hang of this  wink  )

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Great ending MOH …and ah deadhorse

Here’s one I submitted to MicroHorror a sight that takes Horror flash fiction

An empty space

Ernie knew the moment he saw her across the bar she was the one. Her beautiful blonde hair, those big blue eyes, she had it. Not just her striking looks, he knew in his heart she had it. She had that special something that could fill the void within him.

So many years he has looked for her, so many years he has longed. Since he was just a boy he was aware of the empty space that needed to be filled. Ernie sipped his beer then snuck another glance.  She caught him this time and graced him with a quick smile.  That lovely smile he thought, it had to be her.

He made his way over to her and said hi, she didn’t seem surprised. Maybe she felt it too, Ernie wondered. The truth was she had seen him looking at her all night and expected the visit. With her approval he took the seat next to her. To both parties delight they hit it off fantastically.

They enjoyed conversation, wine, and dance. Her name was Joni and after last call she invited Ernie back to her place.   He was so happy he felt like he was floating. Not only had he found her but things were going so incredible.

Back at her place the new acquaintances wasted no time. Joni locked her door then jumped into Ernie’s arms. “I really like you; I hope you’re not after just one thing.” She said gazing into Ernie’s eyes.  “I really like you too but I am after just one thing.” Ernie replied softly. Her gaze turned pouty and concerned. “oh not sex, I am interested in your soul.” He said as he brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers. She smiled that lovely smile.

Ernie smiled back and unsheathed the hunting knife he had been concealing. “I think yours should fit perfectly.” He told her. Her smile turned back to concern. “I was born without a soul but you’ve always had yours, it’s not fare” He said griping her tightly with one arm. Joni tried to push him away but it was too late. Ernie plunged the blade into her side twisting it as he did. “I have tried others but they’re not the right shape, they have to be the right shape to fit.” he laid her gently down as she drifted off.

Ernie flipped Joni over. He had done this hundreds of times and knew just were to find what he was looking for. Cutting the soft spot in the base of her skull he reached two fingers in. with some concentration he retrieved a shimmering dark blue mass the size of a box of matches.

Ernie examined the shape of the little treasure in his hand. He clinched Joni’s soul and held it to his chest. “It will fit, it will!” he said as tears ran down his face.

this was inspired by an old tales from the crypt episode

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and ah deadhorse
what? I didn't want it to end! LOL

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Swollen I loved your story...    more please

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I made a blog today to start posting my meanderings in a more appropriate place. I just started it today so it’s in development. Any suggestions are appreciated; MOH has already helped with an image.  I would like to post submitted stories or poems anyone interested PM me.

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LOVING this Blog !!!   Swollen you are now  offically added to my 'favorite' internet sites

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HA!  cool swollen!  I'm about to up my own little running 'love letter' to all the things that inspire me.
I'll have to check yours out  smile

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Thanks MOH/deadhorse.
Dead horse you definitely need to. My guess “the things that inspire me” means a homage to the hot scream queens of the sixties and seventies to current. Never knew anyone before that can name them all.