Over the last few days, reports have been circulating that Legendary's GODZILLA project had been "merged" with another film in development, a sci-fi monster tale known as PACIFIC RIM. According to these reports, Legendary was unhappy with the script turned in by the current GODZILLA scribe and was hoping that combining the two films would get the Big G on track to meet his 2012 release date. The source of this info was Latino Review ( … boot-11382 ), which also reported that Guillermo Del Toro had been approached to direct the new G film.

In the hours since the story broke, sought out sources close to Legendary and Del Toro and debunked the rumor. PACIFIC RIM is going forward on its own, Del Toro denies having any involvement with either project, and Legendary claims to be very happy with the work done so far by the current GODZILLA writer.

While some of this may be disappointing to G fans stoked at the possibility of Del Toro coming onboard, this situation has brought to light the name of the man writing GODZILLA - David Callaham, writer of this past summer's hit action vehicle, THE EXPENDABLES>