Topic: Paranormal Effect : A Japanese Curse (Ju-So). Uncut DVD release!

Hi dear Horror Movies members,
This is Ryuma Naeno (again smile)

I just made a post in Foreign section to talk about Ju-So 2 production.

As i said, to celebrate Halloween and the production of our sequel, we are proud to release the UNCUT collector DVD for PARANORMAL EFFECT: A Japanese Curse!

So, in case of, this is the official press release.

Trailer: … Rx1tjNARMo

"Enter the scariest japanese curse : PARANORMAL EFFECT (Ju-So).
Discover what happened to Reiko and Darren, a Japanese-American couple
whose trip to Japan turned into a nightmare when an unstoppable wrath
was unleashed upon them.

Based on the original video files shot by
Reiko and Darren, directors Ryuichi Asano and Teruo Ito directed with
PARANORMAL EFFECT an incredibly realistic supernatural thriller.
Between THE EXORCIST and RING, PARANORMAL EFFECT is finaly available on Amazon … amp;sr=8-2

and with a 20%off special Halloween discount on (Amazon's branch for indie)

The VOD version is still available on Amazon and Indieflix. … mal+effect

Thanks for all your support!

Have good Japanese shivers! smile"

official website:

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