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Any one play this?
This game is one of my all time favorites.
Trailer video.
It is a puzzle/survival horror, with a twisted story plot.
The game play is full of puzzles. Actually, the game is more like a puzzle in itself.
But it's like... if creepy British demon children met a Jigsaw puzzle and had babies.

The play through is chilling, because you never really know what sick, twisted thing is going to happen next.
So, It's not really like "Oh! This is so cool because of all the dead shit and blood everywhere!"
It's like "Wow, Holy shit. Did they really just shove a dead rat on a stick in that little girls face and rub it on her?"

Hmm, Well. Because I explain things like shit, Here is the plot Wiki posted;

The protagonist and playable character of Rule of Rose is Jennifer, a nineteen-year-old who lost her memories in the airship crash which killed her parents.[9]  Assisting her is Brown, a dog that she rescues on the airship. He helps her locate items and distracts the monsters that she encounters.

Led by the Princess of the Red Rose, the members of Red Crayon Aristocrats serve as the antagonists of the game. The highest ranking and eldest of the children, Diana displays cruelty towards the other members of the Aristocracy. Despite this, she conflictingly wants to and fears becoming an adult.[10][11] Second in rank to Diana is the distant Eleanor, who constantly carries an empty bird cage with her and yearns to escape the orphanage.[12] Below her in rank is the intelligent Meg, who invents the devices used to punish members of the hierarchy and adores Diana despite her cruelty towards her.[13] The lowest ranking of the children before Jennifer arrives is Amanda, whose initial relief at not having the lowest rank becomes hatred for Jennifer.[14][15] The only child to show Jennifer kindness is the sickly Wendy. Other children in the orphanage include Olivia, a young girl who constantly cries to get attention;[16] Susan, "The Impetuous Princess"; Nicholas, "The Sloppy Prince"; Xavier, "The Gluttonous Prince" who is often seen with Nicholas; and Thomas, who obsesses over trains.[17]

The Rose Garden Orphanage is run by Mr. Hoffman, the Headmaster, who is often seen with Clara, "The Frightened Princess", a quiet sixteen-year-old girl. Martha Carol serves as the housekeeper and cook at the orphanage, earning her the nickname "The Queen of Cleaning" while the children call her a witch behind her back. Another adult in the game is Gregory M. Wilson, a farmer and Jennifer's adoptive father, who is revealed to be Stray Dog later in the game.

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I'm playing this game at the moment I like it. I would also recommend Haunting Ground.

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What platform(s) is it on?
I'm about to start with "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem" tonight.  I've been wanting to play this game for years.

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I know that Rule of Rose was released on the PlayStation 2 (yes, 2), but it might have been re-released for the PS3.  If you have a PS2 laying around (or you have one of the few backwards-compatible PS3s), you can probably snag a copy for pretty cheap.