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I just seen Scream 4 Trailer and it looks great and i can not wait to see this movie, i have been waiting for 10 years since the last scream movie came out!

it was showen at the Scream Award 2010

See before it goes off !

(PS My e-mail won't let me send any e-mail for  some reason)

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wow! that is amazing and hilarous! how the hell did they get away with getting that on their phone it's obvious someone's filming it? if someone did that here they'd be stopped in seconds!:lol:


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It looks amazing i'm so excited i'm gonna be the first person in this town to watch guaranteed! hahaha

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I love Neve Campbell.  Such a beautiful woman, and a vey good actress.  Wish she could get bigger roles outside of the Scream franchise.

That said, I'm not sold yet.  The trailer didn't show anything all that interesting.  The hint that Courtney Cox may get whacked doesn't really excite me, nor do the plethora of new characters. 

After the last Scream flick, the series lost any kind of credit with me.  Loved the first Scream, still do.  Scream 2 was an effective follow up, though nothing exemplary.  But the second Jay and Silent Bob showed up in Scream 3 -- I'm a Kevin Smith fan, but what the hell were these two fictional characters doing in that movie?  It signified a disinterest on the filmmaker's part to maintain their own filmic universe, and cater to pop culture.  Killed the flick for me.

So Scream 4 is going to need something really shocking and groundbreaking for me to get interested.

Just my opinion.

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Hell Yeah. This excites a little bit and that sadistic laugh was just awesome. I have to say I'm looking forward to this film. Finding out who the killer is was always the best part of these movies.

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Looks awesome

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Not a whole lot to get me excited. I think it's gonna be difficult to recapture the chemistry of the actors, and the film in general.