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Author Clive Barker has returned to the video game industry with the aid of developer Codemasters to bring us a new super natural horror adventure. The game, entitled Jericho, is to be released in late 2007 for PC and next generation consoles.

This is Barker's second foray into the world of gaming. His last creation was the gruesome shoot 'em up, Undying.

I'm not completely sure what to expect of this game, but from what I've seen it looks rather neat. What do you think?

P.S.:Yeah it's been posted, but i'd like to hear everyone's opinion on how the game is turning out and how you predict it will be once completed.

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yeah it was posted but thats aight, and i gotta say i am pretty damn excited to see the story for this game and if its any good.

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Yeah, after i read the synopsis over at Codebreakers i got psyched. Hopefully good gameplay and plot development will be able to back up these awesome graphics that we've been seeing.

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looks pretty cool...

I thought undying was an awesome game when it came out....Very underrated first person shooter

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It's been awhile since I've played undying, but i remember it being pretty enjoyable and worth a look if you have yet to play it. Might have to run through it again in the near future.