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recently posted article by Deth Banger about the upcoming movie Victim

check out the poster and storyline

( I bet $20 that the doctor is gonna change him into a woman )

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Hubba Hubba.......according to the poster the victim might be a good thing!LOL

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Look and sounds amazing. I'm looking forwards to this one.

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Now that's what I call getting some Head! tongue

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Feminism depends on people allowing them to get away with being hypocritical like this. Their movement depends on constant appeals to pity yet they will never listen to the same from others. The best way to tell if an element of feminist jurisprudence is fair is whether they will accept being subject to it themselves. In most cases they will not.

Abuse in relationships is a big way the unfairness of feminists is backfiring because in their bigotry they were so sure that the only people who were abusive were men, or that no one would ever cast light on women's abusiveness.

China phones

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