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I see that Arrow Video is releasing The Bird With The Crystal Plumage early 2011

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This movie is something like 40 years old. Yet the first time I saw it was just last month!

The copy I had was a video release, and the picture quality wasn't that hot.  It will be interesting to see if they 'digitally enhance' the picture. Sometimes 'digital enhancement' means no difference at all.

And will they still be going with the 40-year-old US dub?

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I picked up the 2-disk special edition earlier this year.  Hadn't seen it since the first time I watched it waaaaaay back in '87 or so, but I earlier this year I came across my copy of Broken Mirrors, Broken Minds (an in-depth dissertation on all of Argento's films up to Trauma), which in turn resulted in a renewed interest in Argento, so I ordered a bunch of his older flicks. 

I only thought it was okay when I saw it in my teens, but thought maybe as an adult, and now after re-reading the write up in the book on Bird, I'd see it differently.  And I did see it differently.  This time, I didn't like it at all.

The flick may be considered a classic but for me, it doesn't come close to what I consider his best gialli, Tenebre and Opera.

Just my opinion.

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Diabolikdvd has a three disk set, the 'Italian Giallo Collection' for 21.99. It contains The Bird With the Chrystal Plumage, Blood and Black Lace and Watch Me While I Kill.  I'm not sure which label released it.