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Hi dear Horror Movies members,

This is Ryuma Naeno.

I wish everything is going well for you.

So, as forum reader, i feel very important for my team and me to inform you about the last updates for our independant productions (made, as usual, in Tokyo, but in english language).
Do we talk about asian cinema or not ? ;p

We hope you will like our projects (just for the record, next year one will be a "electric" movie, punk, in Sogo Ishii's way smile)

So, this is our Halloween News:

PARANORMAL EFFECT : A Japanese Curse II (Ju-So 2)
(directed by Ryuchi Asano and Teruo Ito).


Remember Darren  and  Reiko, the young couple that fell victim to an evil spirit upon their trip to Tokyo.

What happened in that house? How did they disappear?"

Hi everyone,

After all the positive reactions and great success around PARANORMAL EFFECT: A Japanese Curse, we are coming back to thrill-seeking horror fans with a sequel to the "Juso" mystery.

Visually stunning, this sequel will still take place in Tokyo and delve deeper into the wealth of Yokai and other Japanese lore.

Our goal is simple: To scare the life out of you! wink

I join a video teaser and 2 posters teaser!

I hope you enjoy them smile

Have a very nice day.

ps: To celebrate Halloween and the production of our sequel, we are proud to release the uncut collector DVD for PARANORMAL EFFECT: A Japanese Curse!

Ryuma Naeno

Re: Paranormal Effect : A Japanese Curse II (Ju-So II) Teaser

This look like one of those fake movies on youtube

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Re: Paranormal Effect : A Japanese Curse II (Ju-So II) Teaser

Hi dear Bassi,

i totaly understand what you said.

Actually, with Paranormal Effect 1 and 2, we really tried to play with the "mockumentary" codes.
They have stories based on japanese legend and monsters, with a strong narration (we hope wink), and a real work on style (you will see).
More fiction than documentary, it an horror movie we wanted to give to you.
Its what we are interested in, isnt it smile ?

Anyway, thank you for your comment smile

ps: on the net, there is a very good "fake" ghost series called "louise paxton"... check it if you can

Re: Paranormal Effect : A Japanese Curse II (Ju-So II) Teaser

Looks interesting , going for that blair witch thing.

Thanks for the Louise Paxton reference , i did not know about that , found it very interesting.