Topic: Thor (2011) extended, leaked movie trailer

A long (5 minutes) trailer from the Kenneth Brannagh-directed Marvel Comics adaptation.  That's Chris Hemsworth (Kirk's father from the opening of Star Trek '09) as Thor, and the Great One himself, Sir Anthony Hopkins as Thor's father and God of all Gods, Odin.

Note -- while the link itself may or may not work (it's hinky sometimes), copying and pasting the URL into your media player's address bar should do the trick. … er_480.flv

What do you think?

Re: Thor (2011) extended, leaked movie trailer

cant open here at work. but i hear good things. i heard they reworked the beginning and it supposed to start off strong with Odin kicking ice monster butt.

Re: Thor (2011) extended, leaked movie trailer

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.  They seem to be going with a combination of Stan Lee's first Thor stories and the Ultimate Thor version.  And while much credit should be given to Lee for making a legendary mythical figure into a believable superhero with flaws and humanity, I personally prefer the Ultimate Thor better. 

Lee made him a god trapped in a crippled mortal body -- basically showing Thor to be like a spoiled teenager whose dad kicks him out of the house for being a brat, and the only way he can deal with the real world is to call Dad for help (Donald Blake having to strike his walking stick on the ground to summon his Thor powers). 

Whereas in the Ultimates, Thor's got the same general back story -- brash thug ousted from Asgard for starting too much trouble -- but on earth he's still Thor, only the general population believes he's a he's just a tree-hugging, environmentalist, delusional hippie, albeit a very powerful one.